THE COLLECT: O Almighty God, Who in the glorious Transfiguration of Thine only-begotten Son, didst strengthen the mysteries of faith by the testimonies of the fathers, and, by Thy voice coming from Heaven; and didst miraculously betoken the complete adoption of Thy children; mercifully grant that we be made co-heirs with that King of glory, and sharers in that same glory. We ask this in the Name of Thine only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who with Thee and the Holy Spirit, liveth and reigneth God, for ages unending. Amen.

THE EPISTLE: 2 Peter 1:16-19

THE GRADUAL: (Ps. 44) Fairer in beauty art Thou than all the sons of men; grace is poured out upon Thy lips. My heart overflows with a godly theme, as I sing my ode to the King. Alleluia, alleluia. He is the refulgence of eternal light, the spotless mirror, and the image of all His goodness. Alleluia.

THE GOSPEL: Matthew 17:1-10

THE SECRET: Hallow our offerings, we beseech Thee, O Lord, through the glorious Transfiguration of Thine only-begotten Son, and cleanse us from the stains of our sins by the light of that same revelation. We ask this…

THE POST-COMMUNION: Grant, we beseech Thee, O Almighty God, that by the understanding of our minds made pure, we may grasp the mystery of the Transfiguration of Thine only-begotten Son, which we here celebrate in these solemn rites. We ask this…

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